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About the lightweight race machines

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1st Gen SV Motivation.

We had our 2nd Gen motivationg, now it’s 1st Gen SV650 time. This includes 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 SV650 racebikes.

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2nd Gen SV Motivation.

For many racers, this time of year turns into down time. Instead of flushing fluids and storing the bike, I hope these images can help spark some interest and get you into modification zone....

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Screwball – SFV Racer Project – Part 1

Since the SFV (Gladius) came out I’ve wanted to do something with that frame. I had this idea of taking a Ducati 999 gas tank and mating it with the SFV frame for a...

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The Resurgence of the Lightweight Twins: FZ07 ‘R’

The Resurgence of the Lightweight Twins: FZ-07 ‘R’ by: Stephen Ludwig Photography by Caliphotography. Rider Andrew Zabzdyr For many years the lightweight twins grid has been a healthy mix of older riders racing for...

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Pagani SV650 Based Race Bikes

Possibly the coolest SV based bike I have ever seen. Pagani Corse’s SP1 uses a SV650 motor housed in a custom fortress, swingarm, and just about everything else. Pagani also created the gorgeous...

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SV650 Custom Built Frame Madness

The French built Sv650 Veloce Tucson. PDF Article on the french build(not in english) Ben Probt’s custom frame sv650 which is punched out with 88mm pistons and a billet stroker crank. The vinci team,...

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Folan / ISR 650 Vtwin

Folan Engineering, who makes some very lightweight and powerful motors, teamed up with ISR to produce this beautiful 90 degree 650cc vtwin motor. Not much information out there on this just yet. The 1050cc...

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RS694v N1 – SV Based Custom Racer

Chassis: Showa 43mm forks with ohlins cartridges Öhlins rear shock custom Marchesini forged wheels Rosmoto framework Aprilia RS250 reworked swing arm Dress Honda RS250 rsw 2001 and 2007 Engine: High Compression Kit 694cc Lightweight...