MB’s Masterpiece of a Hawk

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Matt Blashfield was kind enough to share some photos and details on his absolute bonkers Honda Hawk 650gt. Clearly the bike is ready to rip and has done so in the past winning 8 Championships and 1 National title on the Daytona banking.

Honda Hawk 650GT Race Bike Superbike 700cc

-700 cc
-Billet Falicon crank
-Crower ti rods
-Custom cut JE pistons
-Rear/Rear heads
-Jeff Reel heads, valves.
-Jeff Reel custom cams
Jeff Reel billet cylinders with Kws/Mellinium technologies
Custom liners
-customMB billet clutch
-39mm flat slides
-600RR Front end
-Technomagnesio wheels
-MB exhaust system
-Carbon fiber fuel tank
-90/53. Hp/tq on KWS DYNO On VP 110

Honda Hawk NT 650 Race Bike Superbike
Hawk 650gt racer track bike nt 650
honda hawk 650r 700 superbike race bike WERA LWT

And one of my favorite parts…

This post has already been read 714 times!

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