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5 modish 1st Gen SV650s

SV650 with Aprilia RSV1000 race fairings and Fireblade seat unit ECK Racing’s SV650 from LRRS 1st generation SV 650 with GSXR style fairings from Factory Body Works (no longer in business), EE subframe, GSXR,...

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Future 750 Twins from KTM & Aprilia

We all desire a new arsenal of weapons to bring to the race track. Well, there are rumors surrounding both KTM and Aprilia. Sadly, neither will exactly fit into the lightweight class. We have...

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X-Man Crushes Barber at 2014 WERA GNF

Xavier Zayat (X-Man) demolishes the field at the WERA grand national final at Barber Motorsports Park. He set the track on fire doing a 1:33.6 while harassing the Heavyweight Twins on a stock bore...