ASRA Thunderbike from VIR, 2017

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ASRA Pro Thunderbike VIR 2017 SV650 Superbike RS250

Left to right, #60 Sam Wiest, #80 Ralph Staropoli, #25 Chris Kolster

The ASRA Thunderbike series hit the pavement at VIR but the championship leader Ray Hoffman was absent. Ralph Staropoti on his Honda RS250 would go P1 in the only qualifying session. Chris Kolster (sv650), Sam Wiest(sv650), and Adrian Jasso(tz250) would complete the front row.

Sam Wiest on the #60 SV650 would grab the hole shot and lead the first lap. Staropoli and Doane Richardson following suit. Richardson (#7 sv650) would almost highside coming out of Turn 7 handing over the postion to Kolster. It wasn’t long until the #80 RS250 would grab the lead. The chase was on as Wiest and Kolster would hound Staropoli for the remainder of the laps. The trio would run lap times in the 1:35 range. Mistakes were made by the racers but the order would remain the same until the flag. Kolster would get a slingshot draft off the tail of Wiest’s SV but it was not enough to secure 2nd place, fallen short .005 at the line.

1 Honda 250 Ralph Staropoli
2 Suzuki 650 Sam Wiest
3 Suzuki 650 Chris Kolster
4 Yamaha 250 Adrian Jasso
5 Suzuki 650 Doane Richardson
6 Suzuki 650 Russell Masecar
7 Ducati 1100 Mark Evry
8 Michael Copoulos
9 Yamaha 250 Jim Bonner
10 Suzuki 650 Gerald Young III
11 Yamaha 250 David Rhodeses
12 Suzuki 650 Billy Pedro
13 Suzuki 650 Ned Brown

This post has already been read 38 times!

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