LWT 60 on top at Daytona; LWT 171 ASRA GTL Champs

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With a small grid of only SV650s, there was hope that well, a SV 650 could actually win an ASRA Team Challenge at Daytona. A race which is normally dominated but the heavy hitting and high horse power air cooled Ducati machines would actually take a break. Paul Dougherty on the LWT 60 sv650 and John Dodson on the LWT 216 SV650 would swapped position on the first few laps but sadly, the #216 would destroy a crank rod bearing. This left Dougherty, who was flying solo this race (Richarson and brother Sean were absent), to the race win. Turbo Turtle racing was never far behind but an unexpected pit stop and tip over during a pit stop left the #60 SV650 out to take victory. With #216 DNF, #60 would secure second in the ASRA Team Chalenge GTL championship. LWT Racer #171 (Todd Alberico/Benjamin Loyle) had the title well wrapped up prior to the weekend.

The final ASRA GTL class top there.

1: LWT Racer #171 (Todd Alberico & Benjamin Loyle, 3 wins, 9th overall)
2: LWT Racer #60 (Paul Dougherty, Sean Doughtery, Doane Richardson, Sam Wiest, 2 wins, 12 overall)
3: LWT Racer #216 (Anthony Rosati, John Dodson, Joseph Bugno, Yuttichai Yasothonsrikul, Joseph Clesnik, 13th overall)

The middleweight LWT entry of (William Finnerty & Sam Wiest) would finish 2nd in class and 6th over all for the final ASRA Team Challenge series..

This post has already been read 746 times!

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