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ASRA Thunderbike series hit the tarmac of New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Thunderbolt course.  After the 12 minute qualifying session on Saturday the front row was set with #808 George Demetroplis sitting on pole position. #32 Brian Rapple, #60 Sam Wiest, and #246 Adrian Hackett rounded out the front row.

The flag dropped and the skirmish began.  Sam Wiest grabs the hole shot with Brian Rapple in tow.  The #60 SV650 opens up and slight gap and for the first four laps second through fifth place diced it up. #24, Bart DeFrancesco, would take over the lead but it wouldn’t be easy for him.  Top 5 with in a second of each other all the way to the finish. Adrian Hackett would put a pass on DeFrancesco. Coming out of the last corner Hackett would move over to block a draft pass attempt by Defrancesco. This was unsuccessful as a giant door opened up for Brian Rapple to pass them both for the win. Came down to .07 between first and second and 0.9 seconds between first through fifth.   Rapple stands on top of the ASRA podium with Hackett to his right and Defrancesco to his left.    The series moves on to Summit Point May 24-25.

ASRA Thunderbike Podium SV650 NJMP

2015 ASRA Thunderbike NJMP Results

  1. Brian Rapple  – Suzuki SV650
  2. Adrian Hackett – Suzuki SV650
  3. Bart DeFrancesco – Suzuki SV650
  4. Sam Wiest –  Suzuki SV650
  5. George Demetropolis – Suzuki SV650
  6. Todd Alberico – Suzuki SV650
  7. Bob Robbins –  Ducati 1100
  8. Savvas Kosmidis –  Kawasaki Ninja 650
  9. Joseph Scanlon –  Suzuki SV650
  10. Douglas Fogg –  Buell
  11. William Finnerty – Suzuki SV650
  12. Billy Pedro – Suzuki SV650

This post has already been read 810 times!

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