Zayat wins ASRA Thunderbike at VIR

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Xavier Zayat

Xavier Zayat won the ASRA Thunderbike race at Virginia International Raceway. Xavier “X-Man” Zayat got out to an early lead with Brian Kcraget tracking him down, both on Suzuki SV650’s In doing so Kcraget did an unheard of 1:32.363 lap time and from there battle was on between the veteran and the youngster. Both doing absolutely insanely fast lap times in the low 33’s the battle would end up in X-man’s favor with Brian having a mechanical with only a couple laps to go. Xavier finished the race in 1st with a best time of 1:33.021. With Kcraget out of the picture the podium was rounded off by Anthony Mazziotto III on his SV650 (Best time 1:33.247) and Ray Hoffman on his 749r. (best time 1:34.104)

  1. Xavier Zayat – Suzuki SV650
  2. Anthony Mazziotto – Suzuki SV650
  3. Ray Hofman – Ducati 749r
  4. Thomas Hall – Ducati 749
  5. Russell Masecar – Suzuki SV650
  6. Bob Robbins – Ducati 750
  7. Darrell Emerson – Suzuki SV650
  8. Bart DeFrancesco – Suzuki SV650
  9. Leonard Roy – Suzuki SV650
  10. Jeri Blackwood – Suzuki SV650
  11. Maximilian Gran – Ducati 749
  12. Calvin Crosslin – Suzuki SV650
  13. Gerald Young – Suzuki SV650
  14. Brian Kcraget – Suzuki SV650 (DNF)

Brian Kcraget

This post has already been read 799 times!

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