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7 downfalls of racer life #racerproblems

1: I’m so jaded Nothing is quite like racing. Out on the town or watching a movie and really you’re just wishing it was exciting as that seat caressing your nuts that are jammed...

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Lightweight Class of 2015

Choices, choices, choices, choices; four choices to be exact. Four bikes being produced in 2015 to race in the Lightweight classes. If you’re looking to buy a new show room bike to race, here...

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X-Man Crushes Barber at 2014 WERA GNF

Xavier Zayat (X-Man) demolishes the field at the WERA grand national final at Barber Motorsports Park. He set the track on fire doing a 1:33.6 while harassing the Heavyweight Twins on a stock bore...