7 downfalls of racer life #racerproblems

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1: I’m so jaded

Nothing is quite like racing. Out on the town or watching a movie and really you’re just wishing it was exciting as that seat caressing your nuts that are jammed in those leathers.. Nothing is quite as cool as a race bike. The street rider tries to talk to you about his bike or how fast he can corner. Act interested but really, you want to tell him to ride the track and see what it’s really like to ride….. or maybe I’m just a d**k head.

2: Monetary confinement

It’s like being locked in a jail cell where the walls are made of receipts. Receipts that are too painful to look at. You spent that much on one weekend? I guess we don’t really need to get groceries this week. Ratty shoes, ripped jeans, broken dish washer but hey, the bike really needs an engine refresh. PB&J for lunch so $110 7 lap race can happen, damn it feels good to be a racer.

3: Depression

5 months of off season takes a toll of you. You want to save money for the next race season but to cope with the depression you have to buy parts, paint the bike, refresh. Just do something, anything with that race bike to help get that chemical imbalance straightened out.

4: Boredom

Not racing, nothing to buy, exhausted all of the motorcycle goodness the internet can offer you and the boredom sets in. Sure you could go watch reruns of races or talk to your racers friends but those conversations are typically. “Is it race time yet?” – “No, I sure wish it was” – “Hey, can we race yet?” The only thing to cure the boredom is to either race or face issues #2 and #3 head on.

5: Dating

Sprint race entrance fee ~$70. Dinner with a lovely individual ~$50, because you’re a cheap bastard and MR12 cost way too much. But they see past your addiction and decide to stick it out. Buy a house? Nah, let’s buy a toy hauler. Relationship over. Quit racing? Nah, let’s race the entire series. Relationship over. If you find that unicorn, that one who loves your passion…..well you know what to do. Slap yourself because Unicorns aren’t real and you were huffing way too much U4.

6: Does this make me look fat?

It’s tough being Cindy Crawford (not relevant in 2015 oh well) every time you put on the leathers. You have to work out to maintain your size but not gain too much muscle as to still out grow those leathers. Don’t want to gain too much weight that means new leathers and slower bike. Leathers are expensive (#2) and they could not fit if you don’t watch how many slices of pizza you jam down your pie hole. The Beer gut isn’t going always fit in a size 46, maybe switch to Miller Lite instead of those heavy crafts beers.

7: Conversation pieces

Become a 1 track minded individual which relates to #racerproblems 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6. You’d like to talk about the newest movie, who won the game last night, what’s happening in the world of politics, or why Kim Kardashian’s kid is named…. uhh… Chad? I dont know, because none of those things occupy my mind. Out with friends and they’re talking about football and who’s awesome. I’m sitting there day dreaming about putting a new set of Pirelli’s on my bike next weekend. Creating fantasies of the next race battling with my buddies when reality sets in, friends are looking at me waiting for an answer in which the normal response is… “yea, ha..ha.. chocolate does go great with oranges.” And this creates havoc with #5 as well. Oh, you bought the new Revlon CD! Oh, Revlon is make up and no one buys CDs anymore? But did you see Nicky Hayden almost broke into the top 10 last weekend? *check please*

Is it worth it? Oh yea, hell yea.

This post has already been read 1003 times!

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    I especially like the part about Unicorns and U4. Lol

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