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Workshop : Lighten that Flywheel

Everybody loves to cram every last hp out of their racer. Consequently, snapping the crank is a huge downside of this. Buying billet crank isn’t in everyone’s budget. Cheap insurance on your crank is...

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Tigcraft SV700 Thunderbike

The frame was made in 2010 by Dave Pearce of Tigcraft fame. It was built around a SV650 engine.  The bike weighs in at 148kg (~325lbs) 700cc bigbore SV650 motor The head has big...

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5 Insanely Cool Race Machines

5 Insanely Cool Race Machines 1: Radical Ducati RAD 02 Metralla With Radical Ducati closing their doors, this is the last RAD 02 to be built. Radical Ducati has created many awesome bikes over...